Nutrition’s Impact on Hormones: My Newfound Passion

Hello readers! How are you all today?

I’m going to be very open in sharing that I just returned from my OB/GYN appointment. It was time for both my annual and pap smear. I currently reside in Chicago and visited the Rush gynecology office for the first time. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Banner to anyone in the Chi looking for a new gynecologist. She was THE BESTTTT and answered an abundance of questions I had about my body and my newfound passion/borderline obsession with nutrition and hormones. Dr. Banner also assured me that this is a wonderful specialty to get into, as many of her patients are always asking about what they can change about their diets to alleviate hormonal symptoms.

Now, let’s back the train up to WHY I got interested in this area. There are two reasons. One of them is that two months ago my breasts were tender (okay, sore AF) for 3 weeks straight. They were so sore in fact, it was the first thought I had when I woke up in the morning. I thought I could be pregnant, so I took a test- negative. Phew! After ruling that out, I dove into research on hormones post-eating disorder. I found that it’s common for those recovered from an eating disorder to experience something called fat redistribution. This is when the fat on your body (usually your abdomen) is redistributed to other parts of the body because the body no longer needs that extra layer of fat to protect vital organs during starvation.

Along with increased fat on my body and my breasteses, more estrogen was being produced. Estrogen is mostly made and secreted by the ovaries, but fat cells also release small amounts of this hormone. Estrogen (along with progesterone) makes your boobs tender and sore! “OKAY, this all makes sense”, I thought. SO I gained weight, my fat cells secreted estrogen, and BOOM!- my boobs grew a cup size. My husband is not complaining. 😉

The second reason I got into hormone and nutrition research was after listening to Rachel Mansfield’s “Just the Good Stuff” podcast episode featuring Alisa Vitti. Alisa is a holistic hormone expert and the best-selling author of Woman Code and In the Flo. I purchased and listened to the later after the podcast and was SOLD! I proceeded to ask myself, “Why don’t women know more about their bodies?”, and “How was I not taught about nutrition therapy in relation to hormonal support and balancing?”.

I immediately started talking about my findings, and come to find out, almost EVERY single woman I spoke with has had some form of a hormonal imbalance in their lifetime! Now, this can be due to a number of things- diet, stress, xenoestrogens, chemicals…the list goes on. The point is that there is obviously a need to help women find balance in their lives and in the foods and drinks they consume, not to mention the cosmetics and cleaning products we’re using!

My goal is to help women feel their best and operate at an optimum level, no matter what phase of their cycle they’re in. Therefore, I am developing a program called Fuel Her Up that will educate women on their bodies and empower them to alleviate hormonal symptoms through nutrition and lifestyle changes- to be released Spring 2021.

I will be writing an intro on this topic soon, so keep a look outlook to learn about Hormones and Nutrition 101! In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts on nutrition, hormones, and anything I discussed in this post. 🙂

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


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